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Picturehill is a tool through which you can have a new wallpaper each day, with some really spectacular images for decorating your desktop.

The program has a very simple purpose: each day it will download a new image from each of the servers that it works with (Bing, NASA, National Geographic, EarthScience and Nature, then storing them in a specific folder in case you ever want to use them manually, but it will then automatically place them on your desktop.

By default, the application automatically will change your desktop wallpaper ever so often, although you can do so manually by simply clicking on the background. Also, from the main interface you can uncheck any site that you receive the images from, so that you don't receive any from that site.

Picturehill is a tool that will surely delight those users who are constantly changing their wallpaper, and now they don't have to worry about it and can leave it all up to this simple application.
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